The First Management Consultancy Dedicated to the Firearms Industry

We serve all types of Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders
  • (01) - Dealer in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices (Includes Gunsmiths)
  • (02) - Pawnbroker in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices
  • (03) - Collector of Curios and Relics(06) - Manufacturer of Ammunition for Firearms
  • (07) - Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices
  • (08) - Importer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices
  • (09) - Dealer in Destructive Devices
  • (10) - Manufacturer of Destructive Devices
  • (11) - Importer of Destructive Devices

Our services are directly targeted at the needs of the Retailer Store OwnerStore Manager, and Manufacturing / Import CEOCFO and General Counsel. While we do provide deep advisory services pertaining to a number of firearms regulations, we leave simple regulatory recital and checklist-based inspections to our competition.

Can your legal firm or independent consultant meet these benchmarks?

Acquisition & Disposition Records Technology Excellence

  • First SAP design for ATF compliance in the United States.
  • Results: Consolidation of over 30 million regulated A&D transactions from disparate database sources providing the executive team with real-time, dashboard visibility into the regulated inventory status.

Serialized Firearm Shipping and Receiving Excellence

  • Serial number validation technology integrated throughout shipping and receiving activities.
  • Results: 100,000 serial numbers reconciled to book across multiple plants in less than three days - Zero loss.

Polymer Firearm Production Excellence

  • Injection molding machines infused with software logic driving sequence and accuracy of acquisition.
  • Results: 40,000 serial numbers reconciled to book in half-a-day – Zero loss. Shipping and receiving recording errors of less than 0.001%.

Firearm Sales Excellence

  • Holistic implementation of largest industry global anti-corruption / anti-bribery compliance program in accordance with FCPA, UK Bribery Act and related standards.
  • Results: Met or exceeded expectations of DOJ and SEC amidst a major investigation. 

Pubic Firearm Company Financial Reporting Excellence

  • Integration of financial controls with operational performance standards.
  • Results: Elimination of 10+ SOX material weaknesses and removal of 2 year-late filing charge.

Sample transformation activities that other clients have enjoyed. Find out more in our partial list of success stories.

  • Firearm order entry systems configured to validate FFL accuracy against ATF databases prior to order release.
  • Polymer firearm; injection mold machines fire only based on sequence programmed with code into logical software ensuring that every serialized acquisition is matched with a physical product. 
  • Programmed logic monitors every aspect of international firearm sales transaction activity flowing through your ERP to identify potential corruption activity.
  • Firearm box labels generated after a system-configured weight check and a dual-blind entry consisting of a bar-code scan and human key.
  • Real-time Acquisition and Disposition dashboard monitors compliance transaction activity across disparate databases and millions of transactions.
  • ATF Form 2, 3, 4, 5, 6/6a, and 9 produced and sent to compliance with technology based workflow to increase timeliness and accuracy of filing.

Firearms Technology Expertise 

Orchid's solution set includes the design, implementation or re-engineering of main stream applications for optimized compliance. And, we are the only SAP partner who has designed targeted ATF compliance solutions for the Firearms Industry. We design regulated solutions using the largest of software applications.