Rick Page coined the phrase in his award winning book, "Hope is not a strategy." Much like compliance, effective strategy not only requires a defined process, but also requires a disciplined and accountable organization to achieve it.

Across Industries, we have significant experience in delivering services that meet the strategic needs of the CEO, CFO, CIO and COO. We are deeply experience in procurement and sourcing, procurement control, inventory management, and logistics. The following are just a few of our clients.

  • Manufacturing: Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Stanley, Siemens, Level 3, Ducommun A&D, Int. Aluminum, Bally, PerkinElmer, Silgan, Leapfrog, Estee Lauder, Unified Grocers, Smith & Wesson, ATK, Savage, Remington Outdoor Companies, Tri Town Precision Plastics, Deep River Plastics, Colt Defense, Colt Manufacturing, Mossberg, Maverick and many others.
  • High-Tech: Emulex, Power-One, International Rectifier, Varian Semiconductor, Vitesse Semiconductor, j2 Global Communications (efax), MTI Technologies
  • Government and Engineering: US DOD/DOE, NSWC, Jacobs Engineering, Los Angeles Unified Schools
  • Retail: PETCO, 99c Only Stores, Wet Seal
  • Entertainment and Media: DirecTV, Image Entertainment, ADVO, Mohegan Sun Casino

Orchid Advisors Business Consulting Services are your solution.

  • Strategic Lifecycle Consulting Services
  • Performance Management and Strategy
  • Profit Enhancement
  • Cost Recovery and Duplicate Payments
  • Organization and Policy Development

1. Strategic Lifecycle Consulting Services

Do you know how to optimize your strategy to fit the stage and maturity of your business?

Your business is not just a source of current income but also a precious asset to be nurtured. Orchid Advisors Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services helps entrepreneurs and established businesses convert business success into lasting value. How do we do that? What do we offer that other management consultants do not?

Our Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services practice is built around optimizing the mission-critical non-financial front-office functions in your organization. These functions, which are rarely thought of as inter-related systems that can be improved as systems, include the following, among others:

  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Business contracting policies and procedures
  • Contract administration
  • Dispute avoidance and mitigation and the management of problems
  • Protection of intellectual property
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2. Performance Management and Strategy

Did you know that a rising sales figure can mask sustainable performance issues?

Organizations fail to achieve their objectives when they rely on hope rather than consciously establishing a plan to develop all (not only one) of the following organizational elements.

  • Business strategies and methodologies
  • Defined business processes well articulated in desk procedures or work instructions
  • Roles, responsibilities and training
  • Management reports for effective decision making
  • Systems and data
  • Effective risk management and monitoring
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3. Profit Enhancement Services

Focusing on Direct and Indirect Cost Cutting Yields a Clear Financial Advantage

Profit margins can be quickly eroded with inefficient processes, quality issues, and a poorly managed supply base. Every organization can benefit from the identification of low hanging fruit that can quickly gain needed margin points.

Our Profit Enhancement solution provides clients with the tools to maximize top and bottom line performance.

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4. Cost Recovery

You've leaked cash. You don't know it. Most organizations can expect to recover up to 0.5% of cash through a detailed analytic review of their payments. For example, one major retailer recovered $3.8 Million of duplicate payments in six weeks and cut invoice processing costs by 28%.

Accounts Payable technology has developed significantly over the past 10 years. The volume of paper invoices has dropped significantly and the human touch of an actual invoice has been nearly eliminated by Evaluated Receipts Settlement, amongst other technologies.

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5. Organization and Policy Development

A house built on a deck of cards will tumble. Sustainable growth requires a sound infrastructure.

Organizations and their functional areas can be defined by their respective maturity: Ad-hoc (least mature), Defined, Managed and Optimized (most mature). More mature organizations experience higher process repeatability and control, lower overhead costs and waste, and a higher likelihood of achieving their strategic objectives.

How do they do it?

While many factors should be considered, organizational structure, policy and procedure definition and accountability measures play a large part. If your organization is ad-hoc or experiencing significant variability and control issues, or any of these maturity classifications, you might be a good candidate for re-considering the basic building blocks of the Company.

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