Enabling compliance with advanced technologies that are years beyond our competitors checklist assessments.

Regulatory Expertise:

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The Orchid Difference:

What competition? Orchid Advisors is the first and only strategic compliance firm focused on advancing technology in the Firearms Industry. Our solution set includes the design, implementation or re-engineering of mainstream applications for optimized compliance. And, we are the only SAP partner who has designed targeted ATF compliance solutions for the Firearms Industry.

Executive Considerations

  • Are you taking advantage of best-in-class technology to drive efficiency, effectiveness and compliance throughout your ecosystem?
  • Will process inconsistencies throughout your ecosystem drive a compliance violation?
  • ERP systems process millions of transactions. Are your systems properly configured for your compliance program?
  • Are compliance requirements integrated with change and project management?

Can your advisor meet these benchmarks?

Logistics Excellence

  • Serial number validation technology integrated throughout shipping and receiving activities.
  • Results: 100,000 serial numbers reconciled to book across multiple plants in less than three days - Zero loss.

Production Excellence

  • Injection molding machines infused with software logic driving sequence and accuracy of acquisition.
  • Results: 40,000 serial numbers reconciled to book in half-a-day – Zero loss. Shipping and receiving recording errors of less than 0.001%.

Orchid Success Stories [Read More]

First SAP design for ATF compliance in the United States.

We designed a multi-facility ERP system (using SAP) to enhance ATF compliance and serial number control across multiple facilities. The design provided industry leading internal controls that limit the risk of compliance error for millions of annual transactions. Compliance executives were provided real-time visibility via dashboard reporting into the state of compliance. And, Operations personnel gained real-time visibility into the exact location of serialized assets throughout their multiple facilities on a moments notice.

Injection Molding Integrated with Software Logic For Major Injection Molding Manufacturer

We implemented the Firearm Industry’s first "shot-scan-shot-scan" programmed logic-controlled technology. The objective of this effort was twofold: to ensure that no firearm could ever be molded without entry into the A&D book, and that for every acquisition in the A&D an actual, physical firearm was produced, i.e. no creation of ghost assets.

Orchid's SAP Enabled ATF Compliance Solution for the Firearms Industry


SAP Enabled | Orchid Advisors

Orchid Advisors is:

  • The leading integrator of compliance logic and operations
  • Designed the first US install of SAP manufacturing for ATF compliance
  • Providing real-time dashboard for compliance officers (CCOs)
  • Driving uniform dissemination of regulatory data to consumers
  • Prepared to service all FFL types and sizes across the industry, including dealers and pawn brokers

Indicators of Need

  • Legacy systems patched together with years of code change
  • Limited internal controls that govern compliance transactions
  • No real-time visibility over compliance or compliance reports / no dashboard tools
  • Ill-prepared/ unknowledgeable staff


  • SAP / Oracle and legacy system re-engineering for compliance purposes
  • Real-time dashboard reporting tools
  • Data analytics to manage records in accordance with regulatory expectations
  • Online, role-based training

Our Technology, Your Solution

Compliance without technology means that your transactions, or millions of transactions, are at the mercy of human error. Orchid Advisors is the leading compliance technology and consultancy firm designing solutions that transform industries. The following are benefits of our technology solutions:

  • Serial Number Inventory Tool (SNIT) - The first application designed specifically for every Federal Firearms License holder to conduct a bi-directional, Serial Number Inventory with ease! Read more!
  • Transaction Validation Tool (TVT) - The first application designed to analyze the accuracy of every Federal Firearms License holder's Bound Book. Read more!
  • FFL-to-ATF EZ Check Match - Software controls prohibit order entry or product shipment by comparing customer FFL and the ATF’s EZ Check database.
  • Segregated Scrap ControlScrapping a firearm and disposition from the Book of A&D requires system IDs from two separate departments and are complemented by a balancing report ensuring items to-be-scrapped were completed.
  • Variance Receipt ValidationSystem data tables mirror paper ATF variances, reserving serial numbers by suppliers and model, and notifying operators when an off-variance serial number is received.
  • Firearms Compliance UniversityOn-demand courses train operators through executives on ATF, Import, Export, and FCPA regulations and provide best-practice internal control examples.
  • Dual Blind EntrySoftware logic requires independent, dual-entry of a serial number at every transaction point via hand-key, 1D/2D bar code, or Optical Character Recognition to enhance integrity of A&D Book.
  • Real-Time Acquisitions and DispositionsModern dashboard and query technology that enables any authorized employee to slice and dice the A&D Book – on a real-time basis – for regulators or for internal audit purposes.
  • WGIB (Wrong Gun In Box) 3-Way MatchWGIB risk mitigated by limiting the print of box labels to only those transactions with a combined dual-blind entry and product weight check. 
  • Acquisition and Ghost Serial Number ControlIntegrated programmable logic controller and injection-molding machines require sequence and phased timing, called “Shot-Scan-Shot-Scan.” Software mitigates the risk of ever producing a ghost serial number.
  • Real-Time Compliance Tracking and NotificationsSoftware identifies possible transaction errors in real-time and sends workflow notifications to the Compliance Department as they are detected. For example, prior theft-loss received on a customer return.
  • Import Match And DecrementElectronic import licenses that limit buying to make, model, type, and quantity of firearms or as stated on approved import licenses.
  • Bi-directional Independent Serial Number InventorySoftware application that reconciles physical product count to scanned serial numbers the Book of A&D by segmented areas of your factory, retail operation, or national sales team – and then again in reverse.

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