Do you know how to optimize your strategy to fit the stage and maturity of your business?

Your business is not just a source of current income but also a precious asset to be nurtured. Orchid Advisors Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services helps entrepreneurs and established businesses convert business success into lasting value.

Jeff Grody, Principal of Orchid Advisors' Strategic Lifecycle Services practice has over 30 years of experience. He has serviced the roles of public company General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer as well as a Partner in two Law Firms. Jeff leads tho practice and answers the question,"How do we do that?"  Read more about Jeff's bio on our Executive Team page.

What do we offer that other management consultants do not? Our Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services practice is built around optimizing the mission-critical non-financial front-office functions in your organization. These functions, which are rarely thought of as inter-related systems that can be improved as systems, include the following, among others: 

  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Business contracting policies and procedures
  • Contract administration
  • Dispute avoidance and mitigation and the management of problems
  • Protection of intellectual property 

In almost every small and mid-size business, these functions simply evolve, without overall planning, as the business grows. If management or ownership is skillful, critical systems grow in ways that keep pace with the expansion of the business. All too often, however, successful businesses outstrip the management capability of those running the business and the internal systems they designed when the company was smaller. People are hired to fix problems in lieu of identifying scalable solutions; recurring problems develop and persist, stymieing growth; bad deals are made; and disputes arise, diverting money and scarce management time. 

We see these problems not as the inevitable growth pangs of a successful business but as avoidable impediments to more rapid business success and value creation. Bad experiences with new ideas and a recognition of the limitations of a business’s mission-critical front-office systems lead some successful entrepreneurs and business managers to eschew growth opportunities that stare them in the face for fear of the unknown; in other words, so they can do what they know how to do well. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, no business can afford to yield the advantage to its competitors by failing to implement modern best practices that facilitate growth. 

Our Strategic Lifecycle Advisory Services team can help you identify weaknesses in your current systems and fashion solutions specific to your business. We organize these services around the points in the business lifecycle at which they are generally best addressed, but many of our services can be valuable to businesses at any stage of growth. 

Early-Stage--Equipping your business for growth and value creation
The best time to implement scalable best practices for running any business is, of course, at the outset. For some businesses, that time is long past, but if an established business is planning to undertake a new venture, it may be appropriate to think of the new venture as a new business (it often is) and to design it right from scratch. 

The Orchid Advisors team can help design practical solutions, tailored to your business, in the following areas: 

  • Forming new ventures—structural choices that facilitate success and reduce risk
  • Creating, implementing and monitoring systems for the protection of trade secrets, other confidential information, patentable inventions, trademarks and copyrights
  • Implementing a best practices environment for business contracting, including: (i) Practical internal controls for avoiding mistakes and bad deals; (ii) Written policies and procedures for entering into contracts and making other commitments; (iii) Internal training of key employees; (iv) Policies for identifying and managing emerging disputes and contract management issues
  • Establishing of a legal and regulatory compliance environment including: (i) ATF; (ii) OSHA; (iii) Environmental; (iv) Government contracting; (v) Export compliance; (vi) Anti-bribery
  • Making ethical business practices a way of life

Mid-Stage—Using your established business infrastructure as a platform for the second stage of growth
At Orchid Advisors, we believe that the determinative stage in the life of a business is the middle stage. We define the middle stage as the point where the business’s model is proven—a stable of customers exists, product can be sold at a profit and customers pay their bills. At the end of the financial year, there is money in the bank. This is point at which too many entrepreneurs or managers that are capable of scaling or replicating their business model fail to do so out of fear of the unknown and lack of confidence that their organizations can handle growth. That’s where the Orchid Advisors team can help.

Mid-Stage Advisory Services are available in the following areas:

  • All of the Advisory Services we offer to early-stage companies are available to, and often are appropriate for, mid-stage companies.
  • Structuring teaming, joint venture, consulting and other collaborative relationships domestically and internationally, including joint development arrangements in which intellectual property may be created
  • Preparing your business to raise capital
  • International trade consulting, including creation of relationships with third party agents, customers and collaborators
  • Export compliance advice including DDTC agreements (Technical Assistance Agreements, Manufacturing License Agreements, etc.).
  • Competing for U.S. government contracts
  • Implementing systems for dispute avoidance, management, mitigation
  • Managing crises and sudden change
  • Solving interim management challenges.

Exit-Stage—Harvesting value
Every non-public business eventually reaches a stage at which one ownership group passes the baton to the next. For the selling side of the transaction, this is, from a financial standpoint, the most important stage in the life of the business. Maximizing value is what matters.

Many business sellers fail to understand that buyers will tend to ascribe more value to a business that has instituted best practices in mission-critical front-office functions than one that has not. That is because the best-practices business is in a better position to deliver sustainable cash flow and profits than a business that has outstripped its critical internal controls and policies. The Orchid Advisors team will look under the hood of your business as you consider an exit strategy and advise on how you can optimize the critical underpinnings of value to maximize your return.

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